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Designing Security for Remote-Work-First Enterprises

There’s no doubt that 2020 will be remembered as the year that one of the most significant technology shifts in modern history was fast-tracked: large-scale, work from home initiatives. While a highly anticipated shift towards normal is expected by late 2021, many organizations plan to fully-embrace remote work going forward. Now is the time to re-evaluate strategy and address potential shortcomings in the areas of security, user experience and efficiency. Gartner’s “Designing Security for Remote-Work-First Enterprises*,” is an excellent source of information for both business and technology decision makers. Download your complimentary copy today and learn best practices for tackling challenges such as:

  • Designing security for your remote workforce – regardless of client and application location, choice of endpoints, workflows, etc.
  • Planning remote work practices, technology constraints, applications and data to build scalable security programs for remote workers
  • Crafting detailed remote worker business profiles
  • Influencing and adapting to remote work architectures
  • Building inclusive security profiles covering all assets and traffic patterns
  • And more!

*Gartner, Designing Security for Remote-Work-First Enterprises, Jeremy D'Hoinne, De'Onn Griffin, Rob Smith, 30 June 2020